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Online auctions got a high tech upgrade

By Debra Church
RAY White Group is continuing its charge full steam ahead in online auctions. The group’s new online auction method is now easier than ever to access after the Real Time Agent bidding platform integrated with the real estate portal to further automate the buyer experience.This means bidders can easily register for upcoming Ray White online auctions directly from the listing on Bidders are now only a few clicks away from their dream home – all from the comfort of their living room.

The latest Ray White digital innovation will see the buyers click on the  ‘Contact the agent to register’ which triggers the general enquiry form which will be replaced with ‘register to bid’ which when clicked links a user directly to the Bidtracker registration form for that property.

In addition, observers can  ‘follow this auction’ which allows stay at home viewers to view the real time bidding action at auction time through the auction live link experience.

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